We are Sarah and Rachel, sister's who have loved horses as far back as we can remember.

Since we were little girls, we’ve always had a drive and passion to learn about horses, how to best care for and work with them, how to do so safely, so we could have a great experience with horses. 

Getting to grow up around horses on a 40-acre rented horse ranch from a young age is something we do not take for granted. A dream come true for two little girls who loved horses.

As with most things in life though, it came with its positives and negatives. We’ve never met a horse we didn’t like so naturally we fell in love with every horse as they came and went on the property. Some were there for a long time and some a short time. That definitely made it hard, among other things. We got to care for and work with a lot of horses, from brood mares, foals, weanlings, yearlings, retired barrel racing horses, and a very sweet stallion. We spent hours upon hours learning about horses through books, magazines, videos, blogs, and a lot of first-hand experience and observation. 

After 6 years of living on the ranch we got the surprise of our very own horse (ten years ago now), a beautiful spunky, 4-year-old bay mare named Star. She is an absolute joy to have! Since owning her I (Sarah) added a Shetland pony to the herd named Duke, and we also added a gelding named Pete. And they all happen to be bays! Couldn’t image life without’em.

Over the years of caring for and working with horses we’ve found that understanding horses is the key to having a safe and enjoyable experience with them. Knowing how they think, how their digestive system works, and how their hooves work are the most important pieces of knowledge to have.

Understanding how horses think is important for knowing how to gain their respect and trust in a way that they understand, and is safe, and effective. We’ve found it makes for an enjoyable relationship for both you and the horse. We have seen how important this knowledge is by the struggles we see people go through with their horses, ie getting bucked off, kicked, bitten, run over, etc. resulting in injuries, and weakening confidence. The great thing about horses is they are simple to understand and work with.

Understanding how the horse’s digestive system works is crucial for knowing how to feed and care for horses in such a way that they will thrive. You will be able to avoid relatively common health problems in the equine world like digestive issues, colic, and ulcers, and even some behavioral problems because how you feed and care for your horses is not only important to their physical well-being but also their mental well-being.

Understanding how their hooves work enables you to care for them in such a way as to help you avoid lameness, poor hoof health, etc. The horse’s hooves are extraordinary, beautifully constructed fit the needs of the horse.

Welcome to the beautiful world of horses!

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